Scottish first names: our top 20 for girls and boys

You and your partner are expecting children and you are now looking for a very special name. Scottish first names are rather unknown in Germany and therefore a wonderful alternative to German names for girls and boys.


Scottish first names for girls

Scottish names are not always easy to write or even to pronounce. However, in our top 20 for girls’ names you will definitely find a suitable name that grandma and grandpa can also spell. Many of the names are Celtic and have a very special meaning.

  1. Mackenzie can be used for both girls and boys and stands for “son of Kenneth”, a Scottish clan.
  2. Isla  means “the island”.
  3. Maire is a Scottish variation of the first name Mary and means “beautiful”.
  4. Leslie is Celtic and means “the garden of holly”.
  5. Myra can be traced back to “myrrh”.
  6. Shona means “the God-given”, but is not only a suitable name for believing families for the offspring.
  7. Beth originally comes from Hebrew and means “my God is abundance”.
  8. Bonnie means “beautiful”.
  9. Davina means “the beloved”.
  10. Elsie is a short form of the names Elisabeth or Elizabeth and means “God’s Promised One”.
  11. Senga means “the pure”.
  12. Ronna means “mighty ruler”.
  13. Vika  means “the winner”.
  14. Finola is a really unusual name and translates to “white shoulder”.
  15. Aleen means “the radiant one” and is therefore a beautiful name for your little sunshine.
  16. Rodin means “the powerful”, “the ruler” or “the rich”.
  17. Olivia is a popular first name for girls in both Scotland and Germany. It comes from Latin and means “the olive” or “the peaceful one”.
  18. Skye comes from the Scottish island “Isle of Skye” and means something like the English word for “sky”.
  19. Ailis means “of noble nature”.
  20. Idelle means “generous”.

Scottish first names for boys

There are also a variety of special and beautiful first names from Scotland for boys. 

  1. Finn is now a common first name for boys in Germany and means “white” or “bright”.
  2. Angus means “unique choice”, “the chosen one” and “unique strength”.
  3. Jamie means “the subverter” and is the Scottish variation of James.
  4. Kieran comes from Irish but is also popular in Scotland in this form and means “the dark one” or “the black one”.
  5. Andrew  means “brave”, “courageous” and “strong”.
  6. Archie means “right”.
  7. Blake  means “dark haired”.
  8. Brodie comes from the Irish Gaelic word for “from the ditch” and is also a popular boy’s name in Scotland.
  9. Baxter means “the baker”.
  10. Ennis means “the chief” or “the leader”.
  11. Davie  means “the beloved” and “God’s darling”.
  12. Douglas means  “of dark water” or “dark river”.
  13. Kirk comes from the Scottish word for “church”.
  14. Lennox means “from the field of elm trees”.
  15. Artis  means “bear”.
  16. Cory means “of the round hills”.
  17. Errol  means “army”.
  18. Tevin means “twin”.
  19. Kenny means “beautiful”.
  20. Elliot means “God on high”.

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