Stomach pain in children: what to do?

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Stomach pain in children

Children always suffer from stomach pains, no matter how old they are. The triggers for abdominal pain can be very different. Toddlers keep pointing to their tummy when asked where it hurts. Also, if the finger or leg hurts, point to the navel area. This is because they are not yet able to properly localize the pain. So sometimes you have to ask and look a little more closely.

Causes of  stomach pain in children

Here are some possible causes of stomach pain in children:

  • At school age:  In this age range, stomach pain – caused by school stress – can be related to psychological pressure. They are triggered by stress, overload, overwhelm or fear. This could be the case before important exams or in the case of general school problems that may have been preoccupying your child for some time. In the same way, difficulties in the circle of friends can also lead to mental problems, which finally become noticeable through abdominal pain.
  • Severe abdominal pain can have many causes. They can be caused, for example, by flatulence, food intolerance, a gastrointestinal infection or constipation .
  • Food that is too greasy:  If children have eaten too much greasy or sugary food, they can quickly get stomach ache – the intestines are simply overwhelmed. Spoiled food can also lead to abdominal pain.
  • Serious illness:  Abdominal pain can of course also be a symptom of a serious illness. For example, in the case of appendicitis – here, however, the degree of pain is very high. Most patients cannot even walk when the appendix is ​​inflamed. In addition, a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection , a hernia or peritonitis can cause abdominal pain. Likewise, diseases such as an intestinal obstruction, an intestinal invagination or kidney and gallstones. Incidentally, abdominal pain can also indicate pneumonia.

What helps your child with stomach pain?

Attention and physical contact help many children. Have you tried a gentle massage? Stroking is often a real miracle cure – especially for flatulence and digestive problems. Massage your child’s abdomen clockwise around the navel. If you like, you can also use baby or massage oil. Fennel tea can also be very effective for a gastrointestinal infection.

A little tip: if your child is still a baby, you can also carry it around in an aviator handle, for example. Your offspring lies on your forearm and the arms and legs hang down. By the way, we have put together lots of tips and methods on the subject of baby massage for you here.

Hot water bottle for stomach pain

The good old hot-water bottle has certainly helped you with a stomach ache, right? If digestive problems or too greasy food cause stomach problems, a hot water bottle in combination with herbal tea is the best medicine. With children you should make sure that it is not too hot. Also, you should never put them on bare skin. Maybe you own one of these hot water bottle animals? They are ideal for children. Alternatively, you can simply wrap a towel or comforter around the hot water bottle.

Therapy for stomach pain

If the condition of your child or baby no longer improves on its own and with aids such as a hot-water bottle or tea, we recommend that you consult a doctor. You should also pay attention to accompanying symptoms, such as a tense or bulging stomach, sweating, fever or pale skin. These symptoms indicate that medical attention is necessary.

In this case, the doctor’s diagnosis will decide how your child will be treated further. In some cases, laxatives or bland diets are prescribed for digestive problems. In the case of a serious illness, an operation can of course also be necessary. However, it is important that you do not take any medication yourself, such as painkillers or suppositories – a doctor should prescribe the drug treatment.

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