Taking a taxi with children and babies: You can count on that

In your own car it is an integral part: the child seat. But what if you have to rely on a taxi with a child? What can I expect?

What are taxi drivers obliged to do?

A taxi driver must have equipment ready that covers weight classes I to III , i.e. for children from around 9 months to 12 years. Parents can therefore expect that there will be a seat for babies and toddlers and a booster seat for older children. However, if you want to transport two children of the same weight class, you will only find one seat in the taxi. A third child lacks the protection of a child seat. Here it is possible that the child may be transported without a seat in the back seat.

Taxi drivers do not have to have baby carriers/bathtubs (weight class 0 and 0+) ready, as babies are usually transported in such by their parents anyway.

Driving a taxi with a child: Inform when ordering

If you are traveling with children and order a taxi, it is best to state that you are traveling with children and with how many.

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