Children’s BMI calculator: What is my child’s body mass index?

Would you like to know whether your child’s weight is within the norm? With our children’s BMI calculator from the age of two you can now calculate your child’s body mass index.

Kids BMI Calculator gives weight information

The children’s BMI calculator helps you to better estimate your child’s weight. You can easily determine whether your child is overweight or underweight with the children’s BMI calculator. The ratio of body weight to body size is measured. The children’s BMI is evaluated differently than in adults due to the fluctuating relationship between muscle and bone mass to body fat percentage during the growth phase – for this reason, a children’s BMI calculator should definitely be used to measure your child’s BMI. The age and gender of your child also play an important role.

That means the children’s BMI result

Body mass index is a metric used to evaluate weight. It is calculated as weight divided by height squared. The BMI is only a rough guideline. Since the constitution of each child is individually different, you don’t have to worry if your child is just above or below the recommended number.

Children BMI table

If you are unsure whether your child ‘s weight is normal or whether it is above or below, we would like to give you a rough overview here. For girls by the age of eight, a BMI of 13.3 to 18.7 is normal. Underweight is when the BMI is below 13.2. However, girls as young as eight are considered overweight if the Children’s BMI Calculator calculates more than 18.8.

For eight-year-old boys, the BMI is equivalent to 14.3 to 19.2 if they are of normal weight. Underweight begins at this age in boys with a BMI of 14.2 and below. A BMI of 19.3 or more is defined as overweight. If you would like to calculate the BMI of girls and boys between the ages of eight and 18, you can do this with the .

Each child should be assessed individually!

If your child is even smaller and you are still unsure whether its weight is healthy, you can use our weight chart for babies and toddlers to make sure. Always remember, however, that each baby and child should be assessed individually. Because it is always possible that the values ​​​​of the BMI calculator show you are underweight, for example, but your baby still seems healthy to you.

So if your child’s eating habits are completely healthy, but it still seems very petite – and according to the children’s BMI calculator is underweight – genetic reasons can also be responsible for this. For example, a particularly good and fast metabolism can ensure a very slim physique and therefore calculate a low BMI – but your child can still be completely healthy.

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