Explained in a child-friendly way: why do we laugh?

Laughter is not only fun, it is also good for us. But why exactly are we laughing? What is going on in our body that activates our laughing muscles? We have the explanation here.

why are we laughing Because it’s a great feeling! At least that would be our gut answer. But is that true?

why are we laughing

Laughing is like crying : science still has no precise explanation as to why we do it. The only thing that is certain is that laughter is a form of communication. We signal to our counterpart that we are in a good mood.

However, researchers at the University of Rochester want to have found a so-called “humor center” in our brain. This should be responsible for recognizing a joke or a funny situation as such and activating our laughing muscles. When exactly our “humor center” sends these signals depends on our personality, background and upbringing.

Is Laughter Healthy?

But with our laughter we can do more than just communicate. After all, isn’t it always said: “Laughter makes you healthy” and “Laughter is the best medicine”? Researchers have not yet been able to prove that laughter is good for our bodies. But the humor researcher Barbara Wild has her own thesis, as she told GEOlino magazine :

“I think it’s more humor and a good mood that do us good. Of course, laughing is also important because it shows others that we are doing well and that we are happy. But it’s ultimately just the effect of our good mood.”

If we are in a good mood, our body releases happiness hormones – which are more than good for us! So anyone who laughs out of politeness or discomfort, or pretends to laugh, does not feel the same subsequent happiness.

Laughter as a sport

After a hearty fit of laughter, we not only feel satisfied, but also exhausted. Because we then put a lot of strain on both our face and abdominal muscles. For us, laughter is like sport.

And as with other sports, you can train yourself to laugh. Luckily! Because, as already mentioned, everyone laughs differently – depending on their upbringing, origin and personality. So if you want to laugh more, you can take part in so-called humor training, which is offered almost everywhere in Germany. But sometimes it’s enough if we just let ourselves be infected by other people’s laughter 😉

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