Foot bath for pregnant women: goodbye to swollen feet!

During a footbath, your feet can relax and be gently cleaned at the same time. Pregnant women often complain of swollen feet. A foot bath can help.

A cool foot bath provides pleasant relief for aching and swollen feet. Because, especially in the last third of your pregnancy, you carry an enormous burden every day with your growing baby bump. Water retention in the hands, ankles and feet can also occur. These ailments are especially noticeable in the evening and in warm weather.

Bath additive for a foot bath

The bath should be 10-20 minutes. Add a few drops of menthol or pine oil and rose petals to the bath water. If your feet are swollen, make sure you use cold water. It also relaxes your feet and reduces swelling. Rose blossoms calm with their delicate fragrance.

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