Planning a vacation with a small child: you should consider this

Planning a vacation with a small child is not always easy. So that the stress level does not increase immeasurably, we will show you here how you can best plan the next trip with your child and what you should pay attention to.

Holidays with small children – but where to go?

Have you and your family got the travel bug? Great, then the first step should be to consider where to go. In general, it is advisable to choose a travel destination with a baby or toddler that is not so far away and offers good hygienic conditions and good medical care. In general, a holiday with a small child in Germany is optimal because the above points apply to our country. You might get to know corners of the country that you only knew from hearsay before. The  most popular German travel destinations for families include:

  • North and east Sea
  • Chiemsee, Starnberger See, Ammersee and Bodensee
  • resin
  • Spreewald
  • Mecklenburg Lake District
  • Alpine foothills (Chiemgau, Allgäu)

vacation abroad

If you want to go on holiday outside of Germany, our European neighbors such as Denmark, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands or France are suitable. But Italy, Spain, Greece and the Scandinavian countries are also good travel destinations for families.

If long-distance travel fever has got hold of you, you should limit yourself to countries that offer medical care that is equivalent to European standards. North America is a possibility. Here, the flight duration of seven to nine hours is also feasible with a small child. Destinations such as Australia or New Zealand are also suitable purely in terms of infrastructure. The duration of the journey is just over a day (including a stopover) but too stressful for many small children. 

Important: For travel destinations outside of Europe, you should find out about recommended vaccinations. The Federal Foreign Office is a good point of contact for this.    

Tips for a successful holiday with a small child in Germany

Once you have decided on a travel destination, it is now time to choose accommodation. In Germany there are many different accommodation options available to you – from campsites to luxury apartments.

  • Camping: There are plenty of family-friendly campsites in Germany that offer bungalows with private bathrooms, for example. You can find the right pitch in your holiday region on , among other places .
  • Holiday apartment/holiday home: Holiday apartments and houses offer more comfort and a lot of flexibility. On portals such as Fewo Direkt or Airbnb you will find accommodation in all price categories – from simple and functional to luxurious
  • Hotel: There are now child-friendly hotels with a pool and entertainment in almost all regions of Germany. Many hotels offer family rooms and a children’s menu in the restaurant. There are also so-called family hotels , which are explicitly aimed at families with (small) children. You will find a large selection under familotel or children ‘s hotels.

This has to go in the first-aid kit

Unfortunately, even on vacation you are not immune to viruses and bacteria. Always take a well-stocked first-aid kit with you in case your child gets caught or injured. The first-aid kit includes:

  • anti-diarrheal remedies
  • Medication for nausea and vomiting (also for travel sickness)
  • fever suppositories
  • Nasal spray (preferably with sea water)
  • Wound and disinfectants
  • Plasters, possibly bandages
  • Mosquito repellent (spray, gel, cream, active ingredient depending on the age of the child)
  • Remedies against sunburn and insect bites
  • Tip: Find out a pediatrician and the nearest children’s outpatient clinic at your holiday destination before you start your journey. Then you don’t have to look for the right contact point in an emergency. 

Checklist for vacations with small children

Babies and toddlers usually need more things than older children. You should pack according to a checklist so that important items, such as pacifiers and the like, are not left behind at home. This list can look like this:

  • baby carrier or sling
  • travel buggy
  • travel kettle
  • Cleaning wipes (sterile) for on the go
  • Clothing according to the season and the weather, such as a sun hat, bathing suit, T-shirts and pants with sufficient UV protection in summer and snow or mud pants, rainwear, lined shoes, hat, gloves, scarf in winter
  • Sun milk for babies and toddlers
  • diapers and swim diapers
  • powdered milk and bottles
  • favorite stuffed animal
  • Books or toys for traveling by car, train or plane
  • dummy
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Swimming aids, bathing shoes

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