Sun protection for the car: this is how you keep a cool head

Proper sun protection for the car is particularly important when children or babies are on board. Driving in high temperatures in summer is quite uncomfortable, as the car can heat up considerably. Find out here which sun protection is ideal for the car and how you can counteract overheating with a few measures.

Why is sun protection important for the car?

When the sun shines on your car at high temperatures and the sun’s rays shine through the front, side and rear windows, the air inside the car can quickly heat up. This usually leads to heat build-up, which is quite uncomfortable and can have health consequences such as sunstroke or heat collapse . For this reason, it is important to protect the car and the passengers sitting in it from heat and the effects of the sun. This is also the case if your car is equipped with air conditioning. This is not entirely sufficient. On the one hand, it takes a certain amount of time to start up properly and to condition the air in the car, and on the other hand, it is not able to protect the occupants of the car from harmful UV radiation.

Appropriate sun protection is therefore also important in the car. Find out what you can do to successfully protect yourself and your child from the sun in the following article

How sun protection for the car can help you

  • Temperature: The temperature inside the car can be significantly reduced with appropriate sun protection. In this way, the car journey is much more pleasant for the occupants.
  • Air conditioning: By lowering the temperature inside the car, the air conditioning may not need to be used as much. This not only results in lower fuel consumption, but also protects the environment.
  • Protection against UV radiation: Due to the limited space available in the car, there is no way of escaping the sun’s rays and thus UV radiation by changing your location. With appropriate sun protection, you can protect the occupants of your car from harmful UV rays.
  • Protection from glare: Being blinded by the sun is uncomfortable. Successfully counteract glare with sun protection for the car. In addition, UV rays are not only harmful to the skin, but also to the eyes. This is especially the case with children and babies. At high intensity or for a long time, UV rays can cause inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva.

General tips on sun protection for the car

  • Supervision: Never leave your baby or child alone in the car when it is very hot. At high temperatures, your car becomes an incubator where the temperature can rise incredibly quickly. The resulting build-up of heat puts your child under severe physical strain. This can increase their heart rate, your child can lose a lot of fluid and it can lead to heart and circulatory problems, sunstroke or heat collapse. It is a fallacy to believe that slightly opening car windows can help your child in such a situation.
  • Shade: If possible, you should park your car in the shade if possible. This protects it from direct sunlight and prevents heat build-up inside the car. At this point, however, also consider that the sun will sooner or later move on and then possibly shine on your car at some point.
  • Ventilate: Before starting your journey, it is advisable to eliminate the heat build-up inside the car by opening all the car doors and letting fresh air into the car before you get in.
  • Child seat: When leaving the car, you can cover or cover the child seat with a cloth. This way the seat doesn’t heat up as much. If you want to put your child back in their child seat later, you can check the temperature of the seat with your hand shortly beforehand.
  • Steering wheel: You can also cover the steering wheel with a cloth to prevent it from heating up and becoming difficult to touch when you start driving.

Product tips for sun protection for the car

  • Sun blind: A sun blind can be quickly attached to the rear side windows of your car from the inside with suction cups or a clamping device. The advantage of them is that you can extend and retract them by pulling a tab, depending on whether sun protection is needed or not. They can also be completely dismantled again if you no longer need them at all. Sun blinds ensure that the car occupants are not blinded by the sun. However, they do not always offer UV protection, as this is not integrated in every sun blind. Roller blinds with motifs are ideal for children. That makes driving a lot more fun.
  • Sunshade: A sunshade is a thick piece of cardboard coated with aluminum foil that reflects the sun’s rays well. This prevents the air inside the car from heating up too much. A sun visor can be easily attached to the front and rear windows of your parked car in just a few simple steps, easily folded up again when you start your journey and stowed in the trunk.
  • Sun protection film: You can cover the rear side windows and the rear window with sun protection film. They protect against direct sunlight and can absorb harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Sun protection films can be applied from inside the vehicle, either by a professional or by yourself, although this is not that easy. Note that legal regulations only allow the side and rear windows to be covered with a sun protection film.
  • Rental car: If you fly on vacation and want to rent a rental car on site, you should take sun protection for the car from home. After all, means such as the well-known “suction cup cats” can be easily accommodated in the suitcase. They are also very light because they are feather light.
Be careful!

If you ever discover children sleeping in a locked car in the sweltering heat, demonstrate civil courage by immediately alerting the police or emergency services.

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