All-inclusive family vacation: when is it recommended?

No cooking, no washing, no stress: that’s what families often look for on vacation. All inclusive often seems to be the right concept for family vacations. In this article you will find out whether it is really worthwhile.

This is what an all-inclusive family vacation offers

Going on holiday cheaply without having to keep an eye on your budget all the time? You can do that with all-inclusive offers. To put it simply, all-inclusive is an all-inclusive package that you pay for in advance, so you no longer have to worry about the budget on site.   

But: all-inclusive is not a firmly defined term. Each tour operator can interpret the concept differently. As a rule, flights, the hotel and full board are always included in an all-inclusive holiday. However, there are differences in the drinks. While tour operator A only includes non-alcoholic drinks, guests at tour operator B can also enjoy unlimited cocktails and wine.

The same applies to the entertainment program. All-inclusive trips for families usually always include soft drinks, ice cream and childcare. Animation and sports courses such as tennis, yoga or fitness can also be included in the price – but do not have to be.

Who is all inclusive suitable for?

The all-inclusive concept is suitable for families who don’t want to look at their budget on vacation. If you have booked your all-round carefree package, you can feast and participate in activities on site to your heart’s content without having to constantly calculate whether it is still within the budget. Especially when traveling with children , there are often discussions about the next ice cream or the next activity. You avoid this if you book all-inclusive. This in turn reduces stress.

All-inclusive is worthwhile for families who mainly want to spend their vacation in the hotel complex. If you want to learn more about the country and its people and their culture, an all-inclusive holiday is probably not for you.

There you can book all-inclusive cheap

The question remains: where to go on vacation? All-inclusive offers are not available everywhere. As a rule, full board is offered in countries where there is little infrastructure around the hotel. These include, for example, the Dominican Republic, Egypt or Tunisia. Up to 90 percent of the holiday offers here are all-inclusive. But Turkey, Spain or Greece also offer numerous all-inclusive offers for a cheap family holiday.

In other popular travel countries such as Italy, France or Denmark, on the other hand, you will hardly find the all-inclusive concept. There are far too many restaurants, cafes, hotels and other infrastructure in these countries for that. It just wouldn’t be worth it.

All inclusive really is that cheap

All-inclusive vacations are often equated with particularly cheap vacations. But this is not the case. As a rule, an all-inclusive holiday costs no less than a package holiday or an individually booked holiday. The only advantage of an all-inclusive holiday here is that you have already paid for all meals and any activities and do not have to pay for them on site. So you have the budget security, while with individual trips you always run the risk of spending more than you actually wanted.  

You should pay attention to this when booking

If you book an all-inclusive holiday – whether in a travel agency or online – you should always look carefully in the tour operator’s catalog to see what he means by all-inclusive. So are all drinks included or just water and juices? Otherwise, additional costs may arise on site that will blow up your budget.

  • You should pay attention to this when booking a family holiday  : Wellness or sports offers are often part of the all-round carefree package, but here too you should ask the organizer what is really included.
  • You should be careful with additional insurance or additional packages, which are often offered, especially with online bookings. When booking, make sure that there is a small tick somewhere.
  • If you pay attention to things and find out exactly what you are looking for, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing family holiday.

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