Table sayings for kindergarten and at home

Whether “Beep beep beep” or “Two elephants”: table sayings are very popular in kindergartens and day care centers. The funny sayings or songs are often remembered into adulthood and become a beautiful memory of childhood. Here you will find the most beautiful table sayings.

What table spells do

Table sayings have become a fixed ritual in many kindergartens  . Usually spoken before meals, they signal to the group, “Now let’s start eating.” This has two main advantages:

The most popular table sayings for children

  • Lots of little fish, swimming to the table today, handing each other fins, then it is briefly decided not to bubble anymore, to eat something instead, so everyone shouts: Bon appetit!
  • Beep, beep, beep, we all love each other! Everyone eats as much as they can – just not the man next to them. And we’re being very precise: not even his concubine. Have we forgotten anyone else – it doesn’t matter, they won’t be eaten either. Beep, beep, beep, bon appetit!
  • Beep, beep, little mouse, stay in your little house. We eat our plate empty, there isn’t a crumb left for you. Widewit, bon appetit.
  • I am the insatiable caterpillar that is always, always hungry. And if there’s something to eat, I’ll say bon appétit!
  • Two elephants who knew each other well forgot to eat their breakfast. Then one says: “What I need now are 33 bananas in my stomach.” Then the other says: “Me too!”. Enjoy your meal!
  • In the morning at six, the little witch comes. At seven in the morning she scrapes yellow turnips. Coffee is made at eight in the morning. At nine in the morning she goes to the barn. At ten in the morning, she fetches wood and shavings. Fires up at eleven, then cooks until twelve. Frog legs and crab and fish, hurry children, come to the table! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, bon appetit, dear ones!

Table sayings in English

Why not try a table saying in English? Even in a foreign language, children quickly memorize texts. Here is an example of Brother Jakob’s melody:

  • Are you hungry? Are you hungry? Yes, I am, Yes, I am, I am very hungry, I am very hungry, Let’s have lunch, Let’s have lunch!

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