The successful family outing: This is what you need for it

A checklist for the family trip is useful so that nothing is missing on the way. Certain things, such as drinks and food, should always be with you. To help you keep track, we have put together a checklist for the family outing so that you don’t forget the most important items.

  • Eating and drinking: “Mom, I’m hungry”! – this sentence falls on every excursion, no matter how small. You should therefore always take enough food and drinks with you on family trips. Bite-sized fruit and sandwiches are ideal. But something to nibble on, such as biscuits, is also fine when you’re on the go. Water or fruit spritzers are ideal as drinks, as they quench thirst best. It is also useful if you take a rubbish bag with you on your excursion, because there are rubbish bins not everywhere. Your children will learn to keep the environment clean right from the start.
  • Change of clothes : You weren’t paying attention for a moment and your child fell into a small stream or a puddle? Or was it just plain dirty? It is best to take a change of clothes with you to the family outing. In summer you should pack a thin jacket. It may well be that it is a bit cooler than expected at the destination.
  • Handkerchiefs and wet wipes: On a family outing, it is very practical if you have wet wipes with you, as you can use them in many ways – they also ensure, for example, that your offspring can clean their faces and hands after eating. On the other hand, if you have a runny nose, a simple handkerchief is completely sufficient. It is best to have both handkerchiefs and wet wipes with you.
  • Toys: The anticipation of the family outing is usually great. But if there is still a long way to go to the destination, boredom and a bad mood can quickly set in. Whether radio plays, books, toys or something to draw in – clarify before your trip which toys you absolutely have to take with you.
  • Medicines: Whether insects or an accident while romping around – a small first -aid kit with bandages, mosquito spray or burn ointment should not be missing on the trip.
  • Mobile phone: In order to be adequately prepared for all eventualities, you should not forget your mobile phone. So you can get help quickly in the event of a mishap or an accident. It is best to check in advance whether it is charged.
  • Suitcase: Of course, the right suitcase should not be missing on a long journey. In our articles  “You can find these cool suitcases even in the biggest travel confusion!”  and “Beautiful and practical children’s suitcases” we show you the best travel companions.

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