The free wedding ceremony: planning the free ceremony perfectly

For bridal couples who want a solemn wedding ceremony away from the registry office and church, the free wedding is a wonderful alternative. Here you can find out what characterizes the free wedding ceremony and what you should consider when planning.

Atmospheric music, a romantic setting and a festive ceremony – many bridal couples not only want to experience their big day in the registry office , but also in a very personal, festive setting. However , a church wedding is not an option for everyone, be it because the bride and groom belong to different denominations, have left the church or want to make the ceremony very individual. The ideal alternative: a free wedding.

Checklist “free wedding”

• Find free speakers/free theologians in the area and conduct introductory talks – starting about six to nine months before the wedding date.

• Conclude a written contract with the free speaker/free theologian.

• Make appointments for two preliminary talks to clarify the design and organization of the ceremony.


What is a free wedding?

Anyone who cannot or does not want to get married in a church has the option of booking a free theologian or free speaker to conduct the wedding ceremony. This so-called free wedding

  • is not tied to any particular faith, but can contain religious elements if desired.
  • leaves a lot of scope for your own ideas and special requests that may not be fulfilled at the registry office or the church wedding.
  • can be relocated to the countryside or any other desired location. Some wedding speakers also offer free weddings abroad.
  • will be individually tailored to you. A good wedding speaker takes the time to get to know you and your story. This allows for a very personal ceremony.

If you have decided on a free wedding, you should ideally start looking for the right wedding speaker six to nine months before the wedding date. Wedding speakers charge around 500 to 800 euros for the free wedding ceremony. Perhaps friends or acquaintances can recommend a wedding speaker to you, but you can also easily search for freelance speakers or freelance theologians on the Internet.

What distinguishes free speakers and free theologians?

“Wedding speaker” is not a protected professional title and is therefore not linked to any specific training. Free theologians who offer themselves as wedding speakers usually have a degree in theology. Working as a pastor or in a church office is an advantage for them when working as a wedding speaker. However, that does not mean that they are generally better qualified than freelance speakers. Freelance speakers can come from very different professional fields, but have usually been trained in rhetoric and bring with them a secure feeling for language, mood and presentation.

Plan your free wedding

The introductory talks are an important part of your search for the right wedding speaker. These first meetings are about getting to know one another and gathering general information. Wedding speakers have often listed examples and references on their own website, which you can look at in advance and about which you can ask questions. Attention: An introductory meeting is free of charge with a reputable provider. When you have found your wedding speaker, a written contract with all data, services and of course the fee should secure both sides.

Two appointments are often made for the preliminary meeting. You can clarify all organizational questions, make your own wishes and get advice from the wedding speaker.

  • Style of the ceremony: Should it be more solemn or do you want a relaxed, humorous ceremony? Think about the style or mix of styles in which the free wedding ceremony should take place.
  • Dream setting: In principle, the free wedding ceremony can take place anywhere, for example in your own garden or in a rented chapel. Keep in mind that the wedding speaker may add a mileage surcharge.
  • Religious elements: Even if the free wedding ceremony is not tied to any denomination, you can of course integrate religious rituals and texts into your ceremony. Other customs or your own traditions can also be integrated without any problems. You can get a little inspiration in our article “The most beautiful wedding customs”.
  • Musical accompaniment: Music underlines the emotional moment or simply creates a good mood. Discuss with your wedding speaker to what extent he will take care of the musical arrangement of the wedding ceremony and what you have to organize yourself.
  • Wedding motto: Together with the wedding speaker you will surely find a suitable wedding motto. You can also find suggestions for a beautiful wedding saying with us.

Special requests may not always be possible, but the free wedding ceremony offers a lot of flexibility. So feel free to discuss your ideas with the wedding speaker and enjoy your big day as you wish.

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