What phases does a relationship go through?

The phases that a relationship goes through are very similar for most couples. However, opinions differ on the exact delimitations and also on the chronological classification. In our guide, we will show you how your relationship develops in 5 phases that you will certainly recognize.

1. Butterflies in the stomach

If we look at the phases of the relationship, the first year is very interesting. Because at the beginning of every partnership there is falling in love. Butterflies in the stomach, rose-colored glasses and floating on cloud nine are not for nothing suitable terms to describe the feeling of being in love. However, since the phases of the relationship are different for every couple, this phase does not always last for the first year. For some, both partners are only really in love for about three months, and for others, the infatuation lasts well beyond the first year.

2. Take off rose-colored glasses

In the second phase of the relationship, you slowly realize that your partner is not quite perfect after all. The butterflies no longer fly with every look you give yourself. For those who are unsure, this is sometimes the time for the question: Separation or not?  But those who are looking for a stable relationship initially only observe a few behavioral patterns and peculiarities that they ignored in the first phase of the relationship.

3. Quarrels and negotiations

Have you ever wondered at what stage of the relationship farting begins? There we have arrived. Suddenly you notice things negatively and you are not always ready to just accept it. Rivalries and small disputes about everyday life together occur in phase three, in which many couples have already moved into a shared apartment. Anyone who manages to avoid disputes often negotiates here. “Only if you do the laundry, I’ll go shopping again today!” Here it is particularly difficult to maintain the romance in the relationship .

4. Me, you and us

When trying to change their partner or better perceive their own needs, many people start to ponder. What do I actually really want? What do I expect from this relationship? When everyone recognizes their personal sphere, but also what they have in common, a relationship becomes very strong. This is imperative for a long and happy relationship .

5. Arrive at home

If the relationship lasts a long time, you feel at home with and with your partner. Having a common everyday life, maintaining certain rules and accepting the other as he is is nothing new for either of you. That can be a very good and safe feeling, but it always harbors the danger of everyday life. For many couples it is important to always bring some new impetus into their love life and to spend time together in a targeted manner in order to be able to stay in this phase of the relationship.

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