Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Do you have problems with back pain during pregnancy? Then you feel like 37% of the 3,500 mothers we surveyed.

Why do so many suffer from back pain during pregnancy?

Many mothers-to-be suffer from back pain towards the end of their pregnancy. The pain usually occurs in the lower back. They are caused, among other things, by the fact that hormones (including increased estrogen levels) loosen your joints and cartilage so that your child can fit through your narrow pelvis at birth. In addition, your spine is burdened by your growing belly. Many pregnant women adopt an unnatural posture as a response to this stress and thus unknowingly aggravate the symptoms.

When is back pain a sign during pregnancy?

  • Be careful if the pain radiates to your legs or feet, or even numbness. Then you might need an extra supportive corset to relieve your back. It is best to consult your doctor and consult with him in this case.
  • Acute back pain that manifests itself as a slight, rhythmic pulling in the back could, in combination with other signs, indicate premature labour. In an emergency, this could lead to a miscarriage or premature birth. In our post “ Recognize contractions? ” you can find out how preterm labor manifests itself and how you can distinguish it from so-called practice and contractions, which are completely normal during pregnancy.

Prevent back pain during pregnancy

It is important to strengthen your back and avoid strain from the beginning of pregnancy.

back pain while breastfeeding

After the birth of your child, the changes in the ligaments and joints that occurred during your pregnancy must reverse again. In addition, lactation can be painful. This chest pain can radiate to the back. Furthermore, a cramped posture while breastfeeding can lead to tension and pain in the shoulder and neck area. It is therefore important that you adopt a relaxed attitude when breastfeeding. A nursing pillow can help with this. If you still suffer from back pain while breastfeeding, it is best to talk to your midwife. She can give you tips and advice on how to stay still, which may provide relief.

What helps against back pain?

  • A massage can help you release tension. Here your partner can become active or you can treat yourself to a massage or two with your midwife or a physiotherapist.
  • Heat is particularly good for you now. Treat yourself to some rest and relax on the sofa or in bed, for example with a hot water bottle or a cherry pit pillow.
  • Does the back pain mainly come at night? Then try putting a nursing pillow between your legs and under your stomach. This relieves your back at night and supports the weight of your stomach. You can find video instructions on how to do this in our article “ Sleep Problems ”.
  • Try to stay upright as much as possible. It’s also good if you don’t heave yourself off the sofa or bed, for example, but roll sideways.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things. Better let your partner carry the crates of drinks and shopping. If you do need to lift something, make sure you bend your knees and don’t bend over to lift it.
  • Targeted pregnancy exercises strengthen your muscles. Just ask your health insurance company where a course is offered in your area. Find out about exercises that you can do at home in between.
  • With our yoga program for pregnant women , you can specifically train your back and relax at the same time.
  • Swimming, especially backstroke, can relieve your back and create balance. Make sure the water in the pool is nice and warm.
  • Under certain circumstances, an osteopathic treatment can provide relief, in which the search for the causes of the complaints is in the foreground. The advantages lie in the fact that osteopathy considers the patient as a whole and thus also takes into account the lifestyle of the therapy.

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