Breastfeeding lying down: how to do it

Lying down is a popular breastfeeding position. The most important thing is that you can lie comfortably. Because an uncomfortable position leads to a disturbed milk ejection reflex. We have summarized for you everything you need to consider.

There are different breastfeeding positions that will help you breastfeed your baby. However, breastfeeding while lying down is one of the most comfortable breastfeeding positions, as it is particularly comfortable for mother and child. Your baby and you lie facing each other. This position is particularly suitable for breastfeeding at night.

This is how you can breastfeed while lying down

To breastfeed your baby while lying down, you should first lie on the side you want to breastfeed. You put your baby in the same position on its side next to you. Make sure that your baby’s mouth is at the same level as the nipple. For a more comfortable posture, you can put your arm around your baby from above for better support. Always make sure that the lying surface is comfortable and big enough for you and your baby. The atmosphere should definitely be calm.

Use pillows for support

You can use small pillows or a so-called nursing pillow for a more comfortable lying position. So that your baby does not roll away, you can support his back with such a pillow. A pillow is also suitable for your own back to make it more comfortable when breastfeeding. According to the experiences of many mothers, for example, a pillow that is clamped between the legs can ensure a more relaxed posture. If you have a large breast, it may be advisable to bend backwards slightly  when breastfeeding .

Suitable for older babies

Breastfeeding while lying down is not suitable for premature babies or babies who are still very small, as they cannot hold their heads properly yet. You would need to support your baby’s head strongly at first. It is better to breastfeed in a different position first. However, as your baby gets older, you can start breastfeeding while lying down. It often finds its way to the breast at night, even when half asleep, without any problems. This is an advantage, as the night’s sleep remains almost undisturbed.

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