98 percent of the testers recommend the new NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap

The new NUK FIRST CHOICE screw caps have only recently been on the market. 50 mothers extensively tested the innovative screw cap, which does not require any annoying closure plates. You can read the feedback from the mothers here and look at the most beautiful pictures and videos.

What mother doesn’t know that? You want to get out of the house quickly, the bottle is packed in a hurry and its contents have already been distributed in the bag. Or the locking tile can no longer be found when you urgently need it. Our testers also had all of these problems – before they received the NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap.

So many bottles – where’s the perfect screw cap?

A bottle for all occasions, that is the motto of most mothers and also of our testers. More than half have more than six bottles at home and in use. Buying the right closures and teats is therefore a particularly important topic. Most of our testers (97%) trusted in various NUK products before the test. Can the new NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap convince them?

Such a large test package

Our testers were first convinced by the contents of the test package. In addition to the screw caps, there were also bottles and teats that the testers could use together.

“We received the test package at noon today and were really happy about the extensive content!” (dragon mouse)

For most testers, the test started right after unpacking. The screw cap was opened and closed, bottles were rattled and shaken, and the whole system was put through its paces.

100% tight – nothing goes wrong

The result: 98% of our testers are enthusiastic about the new screw cap. The tedious unscrewing of the cap and fiddling with the cap are no longer necessary, because the new FIRST CHOICE screw cap can be opened and closed with just one turn. 88% of the testers confirm that the closure is very easy to use and for 79% it therefore means a great deal easier when preparing the bottles. But the most important thing is that nothing goes wrong with the new closure:

“We recently went to the doctor’s and before that I quickly grabbed a bottle, screwed it on and threw it in my purse. At home everything was still dry, because who likes when important things in the handbag are washed with tea or milk. Super great.” (diemily)

98% of the testers would recommend the NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap. They even wish the cap was available in other bright colors to match the teat. The favorites are green and pink.

So every bottle cuts a good figure on the go – 100% leak-proof and colour-coordinated.

The testers report on their experiences

Our tester LeaLukas, who also recorded her test on video, is convinced: the NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap belongs on every bottle. You can watch her video here showing how the new twist lock works and why it’s a great innovation.

Other testers have also recorded their experiences with the NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap in blog entries or in videos. The most beautiful videos and blog entries are linked here on the right-hand side. The testers in the NUK Moms group also exchanged ideas and gave feedback on the screw cap. Just stop by and have your questions answered directly by the testers or the NUK team.


The verdict of our testers is clear. “Super duper class great” , as Diemily puts it. And Drachenmaus also says:

Who actually says that the suggestions of the MomaSquad testers for a product are not taken into account? NUK was so pleased about the mothers’ positive feedback on the NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap that the company took the great suggestions for expanding the range to heart. The result is two terrific new colors. The NUK FIRST CHOICE screw cap is now also available in pink and green. With this, NUK would like to thank all the testers once again!

Feedback from our testers

Our testers reported on the product test in the NUK Moms group on MomaSquad and in their own blogs. We have linked the most beautiful articles here for you to read.

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