Gymnastics for children: Children’s gymnastics promotes a variety of things

Children can go to gymnastics from the age of one. In so-called parent-child gymnastics, the little ones are accompanied by their parents. Children from the age of three usually do gymnastics in the course without mum and dad. Find out here what the little ones learn exactly and which utensils children need for gymnastics.

Why do your children go to gymnastics?

We asked our MomaSquad what sport their child plays and why they would recommend it:

“My big boy does athletics and gymnastics, he enjoys both a lot.”

“My daughter is now 4 years old and goes to dance and children’s gymnastics. (…) She loves her appointments and is always very sad when something is canceled.”

“We used to do mother-child gymnastics (…), that was really good.”

“Our daughter has been doing competitive gymnastics and cheerleading for five years now. That means training four times a week. She still enjoys it and as long as she wants it and her grades don’t suffer, it’s okay.”

“My daughter started gymnastics for children when she was two and a half years old. (…) Shortly before her fifth birthday she switched to competitive gymnastics. She has been doing this for a year now and has already won a bronze medal at the district championships. But the training is 2.5 hours 3 times a week and costs just under 90 euros per quarter.”

When can children go to children’s gymnastics?

  • In the so-called parent-child gymnastics, the one to three-year-old children are accompanied by mum and dad. The little ones move to songs or socialize with their peers while playing.
  • From the age of three, children usually do gymnastics without their parents.

What do children learn from gymnastics?

Similar to athletics , gymnastics for children is very versatile. During gymnastics lessons, the little gymnasts throw and catch balls, climb, balance, jump and dance around. Course components also include doing somersaults or rolling. The older children then try their hand at wall bars or trampolines . Children also get to know the classic disciplines of apparatus and floor exercises. In the course, they familiarize themselves with equipment such as the trestle or the balance beam.

How much does gymnastics for children cost?

For gymnastics you should calculate annual contribution costs of 50 to 70 euros. But there are also clubs that demand significantly more. If you let your offspring do gymnastics in a club, you have to reckon with additional costs, such as a one-time admission fee.

How long is the gym class?

The framework in which gymnastics for children is offered varies from club to club. As a rule, however, you should expect children to have one or two weekly course units of around 60 to 90 minutes.

Where can children do gymnastics?

There is probably a club near you that offers gymnastics for children. You can also find out about their offers and prices on the websites of the clubs. Just ask at a club of your choice whether you can watch a course together with your offspring. This way you get a first impression of the premises and can get to know the trainers at the same time.

What does your child need for gymnastics?

For gymnastics, children only need simple sportswear. Since the little ones usually train in a sports hall, you should also give your offspring non-slip indoor shoes.

What skills does children’s gymnastics promote?

  • Health: Your child’s entire body is trained during gymnastics. His musculature improves and through sport he becomes less susceptible to illness.
  • Motor skills: Whether children dance, jump or balance during gymnastics – your offspring will develop their sense of balance.
  • Cognitive abilities: Your child gets an idea of ​​their physical abilities through the wide range of movement options.
  • Social Skills: In gymnastics, for example, children learn to give in or cooperate by playing with their peers.

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