Make rabbit ears: children become Easter bunnies!

Prepare for Easter and make bunny ears with your children. When your children then literally slip into the role of the Easter Bunny and hop back and forth through the house, it is a sight that is really dear to the heart.


You need this for the rabbit ears

  • Brown and pink construction paper
  • scissors
  • adhesive
  • clothespin

craft instructions

In a first step, make a circlet. To do this, cut a 5 cm wide strip out of the brown construction paper. To determine the correct length, put it around your head and note the point where it needs to be glued together. So it will fit you exactly afterwards. Also, cut 2 large, oblong bunny ears from the brown construction paper and 2 smaller, oblong bunny ears from the pink construction paper. Now glue the small pink ears to the big brown ones and attach them to your headband about 10 cm apart. And your homemade rabbit ears are done.

What is missing now? The Easter eggs of course! Here we show you step by step how to blow out Easter eggs . You can find great ideas for decorating Easter eggs here .

By the way, the bunny ears are perfect if you have planned games for the children at Easter. For example, in the popular game “bunny in the pit” or in the egg run game, the headgear is great. You can find an overview of all Easter games for children here.

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